222222 Saddest Music in the World is a project conceived in October 2009 as a consequence of a massive land expropriation imposed by the state (Lombardy region) to the land owners and land inhabitants.
The expropriation is a long and painful bureaucratic process that not just takes away forever the natural home of plants animals and humans but also modifies and destroys in a irreversible way the native landscape with all its particular and unique geological aspects. In this transitory environment a group of artists realized a specific project as a manifestation of dissent, as a reaction to an unwanted situation. All the gestures are a “mise en scene” of the relation between man and his environment, the natural and the artificial merge into a series of visions. Each art practice generates ideas and dreams, raises new possibilities for confrontation and the understanding of humans.

THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD e' un luogo temporaneo fatto di ambienti suburbani e situazioni relazionali periferiche. Uno spazio ibrido dove il mix di pratiche epressive si inserisce nei luoghi della devastante politica del territorio.

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e' un progetto a cura di Serena Porrati e Francesca Tollardo
per ulterioni informazioni manda una mail a serena.porrati@gmail.com